2024 Feature Film Producers Track Essay Questions

1. How and why did you originate/become attached to this project? What drives you, as a producer, to want to tell this story? Why are you applying to the Producers Track with this particular project? What are you looking to specifically get out of the Producers Lab & Fellowship experience? (long text, 400-word maximum)

2. What is the current status of the project? What have you done so far to advance the film? Please share your strategy for moving the project forward into production, from both creative and strategic perspectives. (If you are reapplying with a project you previously submitted, please explain how the draft and/or project has evolved since we last saw it.) (long text, 400-word maximum)

3. The Producers Track supports projects that are still in development. What are 1-2 priority questions you have about the current draft that you’d like to explore in the Lab? What does your collaboration with your writer (or writer/director) look like? What aspects of that partnership would you hope to examine in the Lab? (long text, 400-word maximum)

4. Where do you see this project fitting into today’s market? Who is the audience for your film, and how will you get to them? Please share your distribution goals, including what’s most important to you (i.e., festival circuit, theatrical vs. streaming, social impact, box office, etc.). (long text, 400-word maximum)

5. Please briefly explain your role and responsibilities in your previous producing credits (including associate, co-, and executive producer credits). For each credit, please also indicate the format of the work (e.g., short film, feature, or episodic; fiction or nonfiction). (long text, 400-word maximum)

6. What has drawn you to producing independent films? What skills and experiences do you bring to the task (e.g., life, education, and hands-on experience)? Tell us something about your background as it relates to your desire to produce films independently. (long text, 400-word maximum)

7. What are the key values or ethics that guide you as a producer? Please provide a specific example of how they apply to your filmmaking process on and/or off the set. (long text, 400-word maximum)