2021 Creative Producing Lab and Fellowship: Feature Film Application—Essay Questions

Your essay responses allow us to better understand your point of view as a producer and also why you want to make the project you are applying with. We appreciate your candor not only in what you feel are the strengths and merits of your experience and project but also on areas or skills you would like to expand upon.

For producing teams of two, please complete questions 1–4 together, providing each answer as a team. Questions 5–7 should be answered by each applicant individually. When answering separately, please note your name at the start of each essay.

1. How and why did you originate/become attached to this project? What drives you, as a producer, to want to tell this particular story? (long text, 500-word maximum)

2. What have you done so far to try to get this movie made, and what is the current status of the project? Tell us about your ideas for moving the project forward into production, from both creative and strategic perspectives. (If you are reapplying with a project you previously submitted, please explain how the draft and/or project has evolved since we last saw it.) (long text, 500-word maximum)

3. Describe your approach to further developing this screenplay, as well as working with your writer (or writer/director) as a creative team. (long text, 500-word maximum)

4. Where do you see this project fitting into today’s market? Who is the audience you are hoping to reach, and how will you persuade a potential investor/collaborator/supporter that your film can find that audience? (long text, 500-word maximum)

5. Please briefly explain your role and responsibilities in your previous producing credits (including associate, co-, and executive producer credits). For each credit, please also indicate the format of the work (e.g., short film, feature, or episodic; fiction or nonfiction). (long text, 500-word maximum)

6. What has drawn you to producing independent films? What skills and experiences do you bring to the task (e.g., life, education, and hands-on experience)? Tell us something about your background and values as they relate to your desire to produce films independently. (long text, 500-word maximum)

7. What are the values or ethics that guide you as a producer, and can you provide a specific example of how they apply to your filmmaking process on and/or off-set?  (long text, 500-word maximum)